WWDC 2023 Apple announces VisionOS

Apple spoken and displayed the Apple Vision Pro supported by a new VisionOS.

We have seen other equipment offerings from other upper tech companies but the Vision Pro is on a completely plane. It is a pure augmented reality offering and Apple did a very good job displaying the AR experience. It integrates closely with your office or home environment so that the presentation shows users handing off physical resources to local non users. All the while the OS side of VisionOS displays your desktop as part of the room.

An firsthand goody will come from support of Work From Home Video conferencing functionality and utility will rapidly expand exponentially.


There are Safari, Notes, email and all your desktop apps visible. The deportment of a quick finger movement replaces the touchpad click. The room replaces your screen.

The journalists are quite negative trying to reduce the Vision Pro to that of fancy headset. I have been unimaginable of other offerings of ???verse nature which are positioned as fully immersive and which are increasingly like toys in my view.

The Vision Pro is a platform that does not compromise on you and your surroundings yet offers a computing wits that exceeds any physical equipment. Take a squint whence at the 1:23 mark in the video.

The larger question is whether this offering will take Apple to the next level vastitude current optimized hardware. I believe it does and the release in 2024 at a $3,400 price point will bring value to Apple and new revenue sources.

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