Best Low PE Penny Stocks in India With High Growth Potential

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Best Low PE Penny Stocks: Most of the time investors are in search of the weightier stocks to earn multi-bagger returns with lower risk. One of the weightier ways to unzip it is through ownership penny stocks. But, as a cautious investor, it is essential to secure the wanted downside moreover with proper research and analysis.

In this article, let us explore a few of the weightier low PE Penny Stocks in India to earn good returns. So, let’s get started.

Best Low PE Penny Stocks in India

In this vendible on the weightier low PE Penny stocks in India, let us first squint into the overview of the companies, followed by the financial wringer and a conclusion at the end. So, in the next section of the article, we are going to take a squint at the weightier low PE Penny stocks in India.

Best Low PE Penny Stocks #1 – BN Rathi Securities

Best Low PE Penny Stocks - BN rathi securities logo

BN Rathi Securities Ltd is a stock broking firm that provides integrated services including the unshortened spectrum of activities relating to financial market transactions. It was established in 1985 and was renamed BN Rathi Securities Ltd in 1994.

With over 5 decades of wits in financial services, it has a significant market share of 60,000 plus clients as per the CDSL reports. 

The visitor offers financial and investment services such as equity, Mutual Funds, IPOs, Currency, and futures & Options (F&O), etc.

Along with the supra services, it moreover offers the latest technology-based investment solutions such as Algo Trading, mobile trading, etc. Further, to guide the investors they moreover offer daily and weekly research reports.

If we squint into the financials of the company, both sales, as well as net profits of the company, have increased on a YoY basis. The sales and net profits have increased from Rs 43 Crs to Rs 46 Crs and Rs 5 Crs to 7.5 Crs respectively from FY22 to FY23. 

Despite stuff a penny stock, the visitor is yielding good returns with an ROE of 19.3 % and ROCE of 30.4 % respectively in FY23. Moreover, it is a debt-free penny stock with a low PE of 4.61 compared to the sector PE of 24.68. Adding on to the whilom benefits, the visitor has a upper dividend yield of 3.5%.

CMP (In Rs)42Market Cap (in Rs Crs)35
Stock P/E4.4Sector P/E24.29
EPS (In Rs)9.02ROE (in %)19.3
ROCE (in %)30.4 Book Value (In Rs)38.35
Promoter Holding (%)58.1Price to Book Value0.79
Debt Probity Ratio0Face value (in Rs)10

Best Low PE Penny Stocks #2 – Coral India Finance and Housing

Coral India Finance and housing logo

Coral India Finance and Housing Ltd is one of the housing minutiae companies in India with two segments namely Finance and Construction.

Established in 1995, the visitor provides all types of Financial Services including snout discounting, Raising & placement of funds, placement of securities, recommending on investments of funds, financial consultants, project counselling & newsy services, etc.

Further, in the construction field, it serves as Builders, Developers, and Contractors for all types of Construction work, including land and property minutiae and Real manor dealers.

Looking at the financials of the company, it is evident that the visitor is performing well consistently. The revenue has increased from Rs 15 Crs to Rs 31 Crs over the last 5 years from FY19 to FY23. Their profits grew multifold in the period from Rs 8 Crore in FY19 to Rs 18 Crore in FY23.

Although there is no increase in ROE and ROCE compared to the previous year, it has increased over the years from an ROE of 6.44 % to 12.24% and a ROCE of 7.71% to 14.01% respectively from FY19 to FY23. Moreover, it is a debt-free stock with a low PE of 7.31, indicating the financial stability and growth potential of the company.

CMP (In Rs)35Market Cap (in Rs Crs)140
Stock P/E7.31Sector P/E23
EPS (In Rs)4.55ROE (in %)12.24
ROCE (in %)15Book Value (In Rs)37.11
Promoter Holding (%)75Price to Book Value0.9
Debt Probity Ratio0Face value (in Rs)2

Best Low PE Penny Stocks #3 – Pritika Wheels Industries

Pritika Industries Logo

Pritika Wheels Industries Limited is an Indian-based wheels synchronous manufacturer that was incorporated in 1980. The Visitor has been currently engaged in the merchantry of manufacturing & selling tractors and other automotive parts, components & engineering goods.

It has manufacturing facilities located in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh with a total topics of virtually 50,000 metric tons per annum (MTPA).

Further, the visitor manufactures a wide range of products including hydraulic lift housings, crankcases, trestle housings, and many more. It supplies its products to (Original Equipment Manufacturers) OEMs.

Moving on, if we squint into the financials of the company, the sales of the visitor have increased by 33.5% from Rs 271 Cr in FY22 to Rs 362 Cr in FY23.

The net profits have moreover increased from Rs 14 Cr to Rs15 Cr in the last year. There is a downtrend in the ROCE and other return ratios as the visitor has used its funds in the repayment of debts. Overall it is low PE penny stock that has growth potential in the future.

CMP (In Rs)16.45Market Cap (in Rs Crs)145
Stock P/E9.85Sector P/E34.52
EPS (In Rs)1.67ROE (in %)9.19
ROCE (in %)13.42Book Value (In Rs)18.19
Promoter Holding (%)48.5Price to Book Value0.91
Debt Probity Ratio0.59Face value (in Rs)2

Best Low PE Penny Stocks #4 – Hisar Spinning Mills

Best Low PE Penny Stocks - Hisar Spinning mills logo

Hisar Spinning Mills Ltd is an Indian visitor that is in the textile sector, and increasingly specifically into the spinning business. Established in 1992, Hisar Spinning Mills Ltd manufactures and sells cotton composite yarn and is situated in Haryana.

As a part of the expansion, it has installed 3 Open end machines with double-sided frames with 224 rotors each, totaling 672 rotors withal with ring doublers for the manufacture of cotton yarn with an installed topics of 2,200 metric tons. The stock of this visitor is traded only on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

The company’s revenue has been increasing unceasingly over the last 5 years. The revenue has increased by 35% in the last Fiscal year from Rs 35 Cr to Rs 46 Cr. However, their net profit reduced from Rs 4 Cr to Rs 3 Cr due to the increase in expenses.

If we squint at the overall performance of the company, the visitor is on the verge of rhadamanthine a debt-free visitor with a subtract in debt-equity ratio from 0.3 to 0.15 from FY19 to FY23 which is a positive sign for the investors.

Above all, it is trading at a low PE of 4.86 compared to the sector PE of 22.78, which indicates that the stock is misogynist at a cheaper price.

CMP (In Rs)45Market Cap (in Rs Crs)17
Stock P/E5Sector P/E22.82
EPS (In Rs)8.87ROE (in %)16.36
ROCE (in %)20.47Book Value (In Rs)54.19
Promoter Holding (%)50.47Price to Book Value0.8
Debt Probity Ratio0.15Face value (in Rs)10

Best Low PE Penny Stocks #5 – Acme Resources

Acme Resources Logo

Acme Resources Ltd is an Indian NBFC that was incorporated in the year 1985. The visitor is mainly engaged in rendering financial services such as granting of loans & advances, and trading in shares, properties & securities.

Along with this, the visitor is moreover into the sales and purchase of properties and has a major investment interest in the infrastructure sector. It has 2 subsidiaries namely Atul Agro Private Ltd and OJAS Suppliers Limited.

If we squint at the financials of the company, it has yielded the weightier results in FY23 compared to the last 5 years. The sales and profits of the visitor have increased from Rs 7 Cr to Rs 28 Cr and from Rs 2 Cr to Rs 12 Cr respectively, from FY22 to FY23.

The profits of the visitor have surged without its utterance to invest Rs 52,474 Cr on the new Untried Hydrogen Plant in Tamil Nadu, which would be one of the largest untried hydrogen and ammonia-producing plants in India.

Further, if we see the ratios of the company, it has given good returns with an ROE of 9.89% and ROCE of 12.92%. To wrap up, it is a low PE penny stock with higher growth potential as the Government of India is encouraging the production of untried hydrogen in the near future.

CMP (In Rs)27Market Cap (in Rs Crs)75
Stock P/E5.7Sector P/E24.49
EPS (In Rs)4.82ROE (in %)9.89
ROCE (in %)12.92Book Value (In Rs)48.78
Promoter Holding (%)73.43Price to Book Value0.61
Debt Probity Ratio0.09Face value (in Rs)10

List of Top Low PE Penny Stocks in India

Stock NameCMP (In Rs.)Stock PESector PE
BN Rathi Securities434.624.68
Coral India Finance & Housing Ltd357.3119.7
Pritika Wheels Industries Ltd169.8234.52
Hisar Spinning Mills Ltd45522.78
Acme Resources285.9224.96
Scan Steels39.1513.417.9
Celebrity Fashions1311.450.88
Unique Organics 45.67.0352.21
Ashirwad Steel and Industry312.317.91
Leading Leasing Finance & Investment Ltd2.914.741.73

Closing Thoughts

In this vendible on the weightier low PE Penny stocks in India, we have discussed in detail the weightier low PE Penny stocks in India, which have the good financial stability to yield rewarding returns.

Later we had a squint at the list of the weightier low PE Penny Stocks in India. Hope this vendible will add value to your investment journey. Happy Reading!

Written by Bhagyalakshmi Patil

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