Best Restaurants in the USA Where Kids Eat Free

Best Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free

No matter which way you squint at it, cooking at home is the most economical way to go. But parents need a unravel from the kitchen sometimes, and everyone needs a transpiration of routine now and then. There are a lot of restaurants that have kids eat self-ruling specials, and you can unchangingly phone virtually to find out what’s available. Start by saving time and money by checking a list of places with children’s offers.

Before you throne off to take wholesomeness of one of these offers, just undeniability superiority and make sure the offer is valid. Not all franchises will opt to run a special, or they might have chosen to prefer a variation on the theme. Use this list as a starting point and take it from there.

Always trammels the T&C. You may have to spend a unrepealable value or order entrees surpassing qualifying.

… Or Get the App

Because there’s a pearly value of variation between offers, plane when looking at variegated branches of the same chain, you can make life easier by getting an app that helps you find restaurants near you with kids’ self-ruling meal specials.

Kids Eat Self-ruling Restaurant Finder is a self-ruling download from iTunes. You can moreover visit and search offers in your city.

Restaurants to Put on Your Watch List

Mondays (and Sometimes Extra Days Too)

Mondays and Tuesdays are popular times for kids’ meal specials. It’s a time when restaurants are looking for spare custom, and you may get other specials too. Instead of eating out on the weekend, consider choosing a Monday or Tuesday for the widest range of children’s specials and self-ruling meals.

  • Adam’s Rib Barbeque – Some branches offer one self-ruling kiddie meal for every dine-in table on Mondays.
  • Austin Grill and Austin Java – Find out whether your workshop offers the Tuesday self-ruling kids’ meal special.
  • Backyard Burger – You might get lucky with a Tuesday special at Backyard Burger.
  • Beef O’Brady’s – Tuesdays could see your kids getting the full Monty self-ruling – including dessert.
  • Bennigan’s – Tuesday is the day you could eat out with the family for less thanks to a self-ruling kids’ meal offer without 4 PM.
  • Brewzzi – Find out if your local Brewzzi is offering two self-ruling kids’ meals on Mondays or Tuesdays when parents spend $12 or more.
  • Captain D’s – Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days to watch for self-ruling meals.
  • Chartroose Caboose – Ask well-nigh self-ruling kids’ meals on Sundays and Mondays.
  • Cici’s Pizza – Most branches indulge kids under 3 to have a self-ruling slice of pizza from the buffet. Admittedly, that’s not a huge saving, but some branches moreover indulge worthier kids a self-ruling meal on unrepealable evenings.
  • Cinzetti’s – If your local workshop offers self-ruling kids’ meals, chances are, it’s Monday and/or Tuesday.
  • Cody’s Original Roadhouse – Who doesn’t have fond memories of roadhouse fare from their own diaper years? You could get up to 2 self-ruling kids’ meals on Mondays or Tuesdays.
  • Denny’s – This kiddies’ promo is only offered by participating branches, and each workshop decides how and when to run it. Mondays are popular since it’s a quiet evening for most restaurants.

Best Restaurants in the USA Where Kids Eat Free

  • Fuddruckers – It’s not free, but at $0.99 at participating branches, it’s a steal!
  • Genghis Grill – Tuesday dinner at the grill qualifies you for self-ruling supplies for under-11s.
  • Golden Corral – Kids under three eat self-ruling anytime, and many branches offer a Monday special of up to two kids’ menu items free.
  • Jason’s Deli – If there’s a kids’ offer, it will usually be on a Sunday or Monday.
  • Islands Restaurants – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the days often targeted for self-ruling kids’ options.
  • Locos Grill and Pub – Find out well-nigh self-ruling kids’ supplies from Locos. Most branches have a Monday offer.
  • Lonestar Steakhouse – Get two self-ruling kids’ meals per sultana meal on Tuesdays.
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill – Monday could be your lucky day at Moe’s.
  • Norm’s Restaurants – Kids under ten can eat self-ruling on Tuesdays.
  • O’Charley’s – Monday self-ruling kids’ meal specials are offered at participating branches.
  • Planet Sub – Tuesdays and Sundays, you can get a self-ruling kid’s meal with every sultana meal purchased.
  • Qdoba Mexican Grill – If there’s a kids eat self-ruling special, it’s usually run on Wednesdays or Sundays.
  • Rock Bottom CafĂ© – Specials are often offered on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • TC Hooligans – Ask well-nigh self-ruling kids’ burger, fries and drink specials on Mondays.
  • Texas Roadhouse – Self-ruling meal offers are usually targeted for Tuesdays. Not all branches participate, so do check.

Every Day, or Almost Every Day

  • IHOP – Not all branches offer kids’ specials, but many of those that do offer self-ruling kids’ menu meals every evening. Undeniability superiority to check.
  • KC Masterpiece – Mondays to Thursdays you have a good endangerment of getting self-ruling kiddie meals.
  • Piccadilly – Self-ruling meals for kids under 6 are misogynist from Mondays through Saturdays.
  • S&S Cafeterias – Sign your kids up for the club and qualify for full kids’ meals including beverages for $0.99. OK, it’s not entirely free, but that’s an spanking-new offer, expressly when you consider that many self-ruling offers don’t include the beverage.


  • Arriba Mexican Grill – Why not eat Mexican supplies this Sunday? Trammels if your kids qualify for a self-ruling meal.
  • Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – Be there on Sundays for self-ruling meals for kids under 12.
  • Go Roma – 2 kids eat self-ruling with every sultana meal on Sundays.
  • Holiday Inn – Find out well-nigh Saturday and Sunday meals with kids. Chances are, they’ll be eating free.
  • Hooters – Kids eat self-ruling all Sunday.
  • Steak’ N Shake – Every $9 you spend on Saturdays and Sundays qualifies you for a self-ruling kids’ meal.
  • Tony Roma’s – Eat out on Sunday and your kids get to tuck into self-ruling kids’ meals.

Saturdays seem to be the most difficult days to find self-ruling kids’ meals, but who says you have to eat out on a Saturday? No matter when you do spoil yourself and the kids to a restaurant meal, squint for self-ruling options first. Why pay increasingly when you can pay less?

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Best Restaurants in the USA Where Kids Eat Free