National Ice Cream Day Deals & Freebies

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Are you an ice surf lover on a budget? Don’t you just hate the way that all your favorite ice surf places are so expensive? Well, there’s no need to worry considering every year on National Ice Surf Day you can get your hands self-ruling ice surf and ice surf deals at a selection of popular stores. 

Whether your a Baskin Robbins votary or Fro-Yo fanatic you can enjoy discounts and freebies from some of the most popular ice surf shops in the US, and we’re here to requite you the scoop on where to buy self-ruling ice cream, and how to requirement National Ice Surf Day freebies. So let’s get into it…

National Ice Surf Day Deals and Freebies

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is a family favorite when it comes to ice-cream, but sometimes, it can be pretty darn expensive. However, to gloat Ice Surf Day you can get your hands on a coupon for a self-ruling ice surf scoop that’s good for 30 days at participating locations.

All you need to do is download the BR mobile app and you’ll receive a self-ruling regular scoop coupon within 24h.


Whilst it’s not strictly an ‘ice surf shop’, Mcdonalds is pretty famous for its soft-serve and Mcflurries. And it seems that the popular uniting didn’t want to miss out on the Ice Surf Day festivities. 

At McDonald’s, you enjoy a succulent and linty soft vanilla cone at just $1. The deal will run for the whole summer at participating stores.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is moreover offering a unconfined deal this ice-cream day. With every Blizzard treat served in the normal way and you’ll get flipside one, completely free. The deal is valid now at participating locations, and you can find increasingly information in the DQ promotions section.

Cold Stone Creamery

At Cold Stone Creamery, you can moreover bag yourself a undear by joining the My Cold Stone Club Reward program. When you sign up, you’ll receive a coupon for by one get one self-ruling on ice surf creations. This offer is valid now at participating locations.


Nestle are the creators of a ton of variegated frozen treats from HagenDaaz to Skinny cow. As such a big brand, they offer many variegated deals and discounts throughout the year. Right now, you can’t get your hands on a $5 Publix souvenir card when you spend $20 on participating Nestle treats.


Dippin Dots are giving yonder mini cups of dots veritably self-ruling this Ice Surf Day. However, the stores will only be running the offer during a specific a two-hour window, so be sure to trammels your local store to find out what time you can grab your Dippin Dots freebies.

Levee Creamery

At Levee Creamery, you can get your hands on self-ruling ice surf mini scoops from 2-6 pm on National Ice Surf Day. If you RSVP the event, you could moreover be in with a shot of winning a $100 souvenir vellum and a tuft of other Levee Creamery freebies.

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This Ice Surf Day, plane our shaggy friends are catered for at all PetSmart locations. The visitor had created special doggie friendly sundaes topped with dog biscuits and what’s more, they’re completely free. Be sure to take your pet lanugo to your local store to requirement your PetSmart National Ice Surf freebies

Monkey Joe’s

This year, Monkey Joes are offering Ice Surf Day freebies that kids are sure to love. When you visit any Monkey Joes location on July 21st, you can requirement one self-ruling ice surf cup. 

The visitor will moreover be running various events where you can get your hands on a variety of prizes and Monkey Joe’s freebies.

Marble Slab

Marble Slab is offering a variety of special deals on their new savor Charcoal Mocha, in triumph of Ice Surf Day. You can get your scoop in a waffle cone or in their new Moondust Majestic Shake. Trammels out the website to find out increasingly well-nigh the current Marble Slab offers.

Lick Honest

By joining the Lick Honest Scoop Society, you can enjoy perks such as self-ruling scoops, double dial days, sectional deals and more. Not only that, but you’ll get a tomfool Lick Honest keychain too.

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

This year in triumph of ice-cream day, My/Mo Mochi is teaming up with UNIQLO to offer My/Mo Mochi freebies in a range of stores. The offer is only misogynist in participating stores, so trammels online to see if you can score your favorite Japanese icy treat for free.

The Haan Museum

If you like your Ice surf topped with a soupcon of culture and history, then the Haan Museum is the place for you. 

This ice-cream day, the museum is offering self-ruling cones and sundaes with various toppings for free. Be sure to get there between 1 pm and 4 pm to requirement your Haan Museum freebies.

Tipsy Scoop

Like your ice surf with a kick? Throne lanugo to Tipsy Scoop and requirement a free scoop of Malibu rum ice cream. The store is offering self-ruling scoops to the first 100 people at their stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Ice Surf Delight

Ice Surf Delight is running a family-friendly event in aid of Ice Surf Day.  The store is inviting customers to join them for an afternoon of fun and icy treats and they’re offering free sprinkles all day.


If Fro-Yo is your thing, then throne lanugo to Yoghurt Land this Ice Surf Day. They’re offering buy one get one self-ruling on a selection of their most popular flavors.

Sonic Drive-In

If Ice Surf isn’t your thing but you still want to make the most of the national Ice Surf Day deals, Sonic Drive-In is offering 3-piece Cinnastacks for 99 cents to app users. Trammels out their app for increasingly Sonic Drive-In deals.

So there you have it, all the weightier national Ice Surf Day deals to ensure that you gloat the nations favorite icy treat in-style. Have fun and don’t eat too much!

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