Victorias Secret Semi-Annual Sale: The Complete Guide

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

Let’s be frank here – you deserve a treat. You’ve earned it! And Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is just the event to get one without overspending (at least too much).

To kick things off, Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale 2019 offers 30%, 40%, 50% and plane 60% off bras, panties, pajamas, and eyeful products.

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale 2019 Dates

While we know some details well-nigh the upcoming Victoria’s Secret offers, the trademark is yet to share increasingly details regarding the event with the public. For once, we don’t know for sure when is Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale.

That stuff said, nothing is stopping us from freely speculate well-nigh the schedule. The trademark is known to host two of these events annually (hence the name) – in the winter, and in the summer.

All semi-annual sales towards to follow a peculiar pattern since their first launch in 2016. All of them have kicked off during the first week of summer so our money is on either Monday, the 3d of June, or Tuesday, the 4th. 

How Long Is the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale?

A blonde sexuality with Victoria's Secret shopping bags.

Ok, now that we’ve settled with the launch date, let’s try to wordplay flipside one: how long will it last?

Based on the last year’s sale, you can expect two weeks of uncanny shopping as the previous sale lasted from the fourth to the eights of June.

Feel self-ruling to expect a two-weeks-long event, but don’t forget that the most popular items will be sold out much faster.

If you are really looking for the weightier deals, it’s weightier that you don’t forget the good old saying well-nigh the early bird getting the worm.

Victoria’s Secret offers their own Angel Credit Vellum for that word-for-word purpose.

Angel Credit Card

If you are looking to make increasingly than one purchase, there’s the Angel Credit Card waiting for you. It opens up the doors to a series of sectional benefits.

The vellum offers many benefits to the holder. Most of them are not plane limited to the sale. For example, one can make a purchase between May 5-31 to get a endangerment of winning 12 months worth of self-ruling bras.

Secondly, there’s a lot of bonuses and sectional offers in it for you straight off the bat.

Your reward bonus points will triple or plane go as far as X 5 during the sale.

And lastly, every cardholder has the option of participating in the sale one day in advance.


Usually, the sale doesn’t stupefy shipment financing so expect to pay the standard fee.

That said, the trademark is known for providing self-ruling shipping codes for any purchases that go whilom $50. And if that won’t be the case, any order reaching whilom $100 comes with self-ruling shipping as a bonus so if you do finger like treating yourself to the sexy bras, panties, and PJs, it may be wiser to purchase items in bulk.

What’s on Sale?

A woman with Victoria's Secret panties in her hands.

A little bit of everything. If a particular item has unprotected your eye and hasn’t left your thoughts over the past couple of weeks, trammels it out during the semi-annual sale.

Same can be said well-nigh shopping for anything you purchase regularly. You can stock up on the items you once know with up to 60% off their retail price.

But what are the hottest items to alimony an eye out for?


Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is known for plummeting the prices on their sexy panties with the prices starting as low as $3.99 per item. Thong, bikini, cheekini, and hiphuggers have all went lanugo from $7 or plane $10 to 4 dollars each.

Some of the increasingly luxurious items like the Lacy Sexy Shortie have moreover shown a dramatic waif in price from $22.50 to $9.99 in the past.

Push-Up Bras

Ones of the most popular products the trademark has to offer – Victoria’s Secret trademark push-up bras – will surely waif lanugo in price dramatically.

Based on last year’s discounts, you can expect unconfined deals on the Push-Up Plunge Bra and the Unlined Upfit Bra as both have previously gone from $36.50 to $19.99.

Other Bras

There are very sexy odds for the wire-free, sports, and triangle bras as well as bralettes to go unelevated $10 each.

Leggings, tanks, and PJs

Bras (push-up or not) may be the cherry on the icing, but there’s plenty increasingly confection underneath. We suggest checking out the Victoria Sport Knockout that went lanugo to $29.99 from a whopping $69.50 last year. Alternatively, bookmark the Anytime Cotton Ribbed Leggings, and the Everywhere Capri.

As for the tank tops, expect to see unconfined deals on everything that’s woebegone like the Drape-Black Muscle Tank and the Bow-Back Tank.

Shopping Tips

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale Woman Bras Buy One Get One 50% Off.

Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale is a crowd-oriented event. The trademark will plan their sale with this fact in mind.

It’s weightier if you were to shop with a tomfool head. Browse through the website, trammels out the items you’d really like to own, make a list and rely the sale utterance with a steady heart.

The weightier thing you can do is to shop online during this year’s semi-annual sale. First and foremost, you’ll be lamister the prod (and as such the prod mentality as well), and secondly, it will be easier for you to alimony track of the newly uninventive bonuses.

The weightier deals they’ll offer will go onwards zillion orders like 5 for $25, or 8 for $28, etc. providing you with an wondrous opportunity to stock up with high-quality lingerie that will last until the winter sale or plane longer.

This concludes our list of ways to save at Victoria’s Secret sale this summer.

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