What is a chargeback?

Understanding Chargebacks: Protecting Consumers and Merchants In the world of e-commerce and payments online, chargebacks are an essential instrument in place to protect both consumers and merchants. A chargeback happens when

Win a £200 voucher to spend at Argos for garden

Imagine a £200 Argos voucher in your hands, ready to unlock uncounted possibilities of fun. From paddling pools to indoor games on rainy days, this is your endangerment to indulge

Barbie girl, in a Suits Me World.

Barbie, the iconic fashionista, and inspiring role model has unchangingly been a symbol of empowerment, ambition, and adaptability. As her life continues to evolve, so do her financial needs. Recently,

Win a £200 voucher to spend at Asda to help

The shopping list seems never ending when you are doing the school uniform shop, ties, shoes, shirts and so much increasingly you need to buy. Suits Me are here to

Palantir AI so powerful “… not sure we should sell to

Palantir Technologies Inc. Chief Executive Officer Alex Karp said new AI developments at his visitor are so powerful that “I’m not sure we should plane sell this to some of our

WWDC 2023 Apple announces VisionOS

Apple spoken and displayed the Apple Vision Pro supported by a new VisionOS. We have seen other equipment offerings from other upper tech companies but the Vision Pro is on a

UK to host first global summit on Artificial Intelligence

Press release GOV.UK As the world grapples with the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapid urging of Strained Intelligence, the UK will host the first major global summit on AI

AI Is Sweeping Across Wall Street

Link Bloomberg Deutsche Bank is using strained intelligence to scan wealthy vendee portfolios. ING Group is screening for potential defaulters. JPMorgan is razzmatazz for increasingly AI roles than rivals. Morgan Stanley bankers are, well,

Cohere announces $270-million USD Series C

Cohere announces $270-million USD Series C from Inovia, Nvidia, Oracle, Salesforce (Betakit) Globe and Mail reported earlier Cohere raising up to $250-million in Inovia-led deal valuing OpenAI rival at $2-billion Artificial-intelligence visitor Cohere

Convertible or not: making sense of stresses in AT1 bonds

Mahmoud Fatouh and Ioana Neamțu Similar to the Deutsche Bank’s episode in 2016 and the Covid stress in 2020, AT1 spreads over subordinated debt rose rapidly and sharply pursuit the Credit